Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer Fashion Haul.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I'm off on holiday on the 9th of July! I'm going to Menorca with My Boyfriend and Family, I can't wait! So over the last few weeks I have been picking up some things for my holiday, I haven't actually been proper holiday shopping yet but I have got myself a few bits from various places I've been recently. 

I've been slacking a lot with posts recently because I haven't had any time at all. Today has been my only day off in a whole week so I'm glad I finally have the chance to write a new post! On my day off today I visited a new Asda which has just been built near where I live and I was surprised at their gorgeous range of 'summer clothes' so I picked up this gorgeous bandeau bikini and at £2.50 for the top and £2.50 for the bottoms you can't go wrong! I'm really into bright colored bikini's, I think they make you look more tanned! All of the popular sizes had gone in the bottoms so I had to get a size bigger, which is okay because luckily it has tie-up bottoms so I can just tie it tighter!  (Sorry the picture isn't great! It was really hard to try and get the bikini straight!) 

I am really loving pastel colour nail polishes for the summer, I think they look gorgeous and really summery! So when I went into Boots. I picked up a few of my favourite brand of nail polishes which is Barry M. I love the way they go onto your nail and they stay on for a fair amount of time before chipping. I think when I bought these they had a 2 for £5 offer on Barry M products so it was a bargain! 

From Left to Right; Lemon, Strawberry and Block Orange.

Also when I was in Boots I came across this 'Stay Straight Anti Humidity Spray' from Mark Hill's Holiday Hair range. I love Mark Hill's hair products, I always use his 'Sexy Straight' shampoo, conditioner and hair protection spray but I never new he did a holiday range. I was so excited when I came across these because I have such a nightmare with my hair on holiday as it's so thick the heat and humidity make it almost impossible for my hair to stay straight and by the end of each night it just looks a mess! There's quite a few products in this range and the price isn't too bad! These include - Sun protection spray, Shampoo, Conditioner, Beach to bar dry shampoo and hair straightening polish. They also come in travel size. Here's the link to the boots page if you'd like to get yourself any of these products;

I only picked up the humidity spray (£6.12) but I am definitely going to be purchases the other items before my holiday!

Finally, I went to Primark really quickly a few weeks ago. It was really close to payday so I didn't really get much but I did pick up these gorgeous sandals. I can't remember how much they were but i think they were £12 which is fairly expensive for Primark but as you can see from the picture above they do have loads of detail on them and they are gorgeous! They have so many different colours on them that you could wear them with virtually any outfit! So they are also really versatile :) 

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