Sunday, 31 July 2011

This Or That.

[blush or bronzer] - Blush
[lip gloss or lipstick] - Lipgloss 
[eye liner or mascara] - Mascara
[foundation or concealer] - Foundation
[neutral or color eye shadow] - Neutral
[pressed or loose eye shadows] - Pressed
[brushes or sponges] - Brushes

[OPI or china glaze] - OPI
[Long or short] - Long
[Acrylic or natural] - Acrylic - my nails are not great!
[Brights or darks] - Brights
[Flower or no flower] - No flower

[perfume or body splash] - Perfume
[body wash or soap] - Body Wash
[lush or other bath company] - Lush 

[curly or straight] - Curly
[bun or ponytail] - Bun
[bobby pins or butterfly clips] - Bobby Pins
[hair spray or gel] - Hair Spray 
[[light or dark] - Light
[side sweep bangs or full bangs] - Side fringe
[up or down] - I prefer mine down but I wear it up everyday for work :) 

[Rain or shine] - Shine
[Summer or winter] - Summer, but I love scarves and ugg boots! 
[Fall or spring] - Spring
[Chocolate or vanilla] - Vanilla
[East coast or west coast] - East Coast 

Thanks for reading :) 
Sorry for my absence guys, been on holiday and had a really bad shoulder so sitting on my laptop is really painful! I'll try and post more regularly though! :) 
Leanne xox 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Quick update!

Hey everyone, just a really quick post to say that I'm sorry for the lack in posts recently but I have been so busy working! I did try and do a post on Thursday evening, it took ages and the my laptop messed up and got rid of it all! :( it was a summer holiday haul but I can't re-do the post because I'm going on holiday in five days and all the new things I bought have been packed! I will try and do a post on how to pack your suitcase tomorrow night :) hope everybody is well! Love Leanne x