Friday, 14 December 2012

Recent Make Up Shoots

So recently I've been off work sick with a bad shoulder and so I've been super bored at home every single day! So I've been building up my make up portfolio because I eventually want to do a short course in London to get some extra qualifications up my sleeve. A few of my friends have kindly been models for me and took part in some make up photoshoots of the makeup I've done. I also have done some makeup for people attending their prom and a few for Halloween too! Here's a few of the pictures :) 

Random Questions

1. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Hmm I have many of these, I'm just one of those people who are clumsy and occur embarrassing moments on a daily basis; but one that's coming into my head now was when I was at a Nightclub in Bournemouth called Bliss and there's like a huge staircase going down to another floor in the middle of the club and there was people stood all around it and I slipped and fell down about 5 steps on my bum - so embarrassing  And a massive crowd of guys just cheered and clapped, if I ever wanted the world to swallow me up it was that one time!! 

2. Who inspires you?
This is a tricky one, there's not really anybody who inspires me as such, so I find this difficult to answer. I'm going to say someone who is probably quite controversial and that's Cheryl Cole, only because I feel that she's been through quite a lot over the last few years and it must have been difficult anyway let alone being in the public eye. So I guess her :) 

3.  Your favourite shop?
My favourite shop has to be New Look actually, overall. I always seem to find that most of my close I buy are from there and it's rare that I go in there and don't see more than one thing I want/like! 

4. Coke or Pepsi?
Full fat coke but diet pepsi 

5. What is the one beauty product in your life that you will never stop using?
I will never stop using Mac studio fix foundation, it's perfect for what I like and I love their colours, it makes my face look so flawless without looking too cakey, I know a lot of people find it too heavy but I think it you apply it correctly and with other products you can avoid that. 

6. What is your favourite smell?
My favourite smell, i'm guessing this is perfume or is it smell in general? Lol who knows! I'll go with perfume; it has to be Insolence by Guerlain, absolutely love it although it's quite pricey! 

7. Where is your current location?
In my bedroom, in my house, in Wiltshire :) 

8. What were you doing 3 hours ago?
Three hours ago I was doing basically what i'm doing now - listening to music and sorting my blog out! It's been a lazy day (week) 

9. If you had to have toes for fingers or fingers for toes, which would you choose?!
What sort of question is this? Haha, I think I would choose fingers for toes because you can easily hide that where as your hands you can always see, so unless you were going to wear gloves all your life everybody would notice your fingers if they were toes. So definitely fingers as toes!

10. What is something you scared off?
SPIDERS! Oh my gosh, they are fricking horrendous, my phobia is actually something out of the ordinary, I don't think i've ever met anybody with the same level of fright for spiders as myself!! Eww!

11. What is your favourite makeup brand?
MAC :) for sure.


I'm Back :)

I can't believe it's been all this time since I last posted! I've definitely been neglecting my blog! I've had an eventful year, but it's coming to an end so hopefully 2013 will bring better things - hate to be 'one of those people' who say this but it's true! 
 At the same time I've also had a lot of fun with friends and family this year, I've had such a laugh! This post is basically just an update of the last year and a few pictures of all I've been up to recently :) lots of 21st birthdays and trips away!

Cardiff for one of my Best Friend Robyn's 21st 

Georgia's Hollywood Themed 21st party :) 

Pub Golf for Sheree's 21st Birthday :) 

Phoebe's birthday in Bath :) 

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air fancy dress for Joe's 21st 

Cardiff for Danielle's 21st :) 

Summer BBQ


Barcelona with the girls :) 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My 'REEM' trip to Essex!

Anyone that knows me will know i'm a huge fan of "The Only Way Is Essex" I absolutely love it!! So me and my friend Phoebe had to go and visit the one and only Brentwood to see what all the fuss is about! I had an amazing time, even though it's not what I expected it to be, it's actually a lot nicer! I really recommend going if you like TOWIE :)

The pictures have all gone on in a really weird order - Blogger isn't being very friendly to me tonight!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fake Acrylic Nails.

Hey Beauties. I know i've been absent from my blog for a longggg time and I always come back with a post that says sorry i've not blogged in ages!! I've just had a few personal problems recently and things have been quite hard for me, so I haven't had any motivation to blog. I won't bore you to death with what's been happening but i'm back with lots of ideas :) 

Anyway enough of the boring stuff; I recently ordered an acrylic nail set from Ebay, it was from China and was really cheap so I wasn't really expecting it to be amazing but I have always wanted to give it a go as I always get my nails done and didn't want to pay for a course if I didn't enjoy doing it. However when I got the kit, I literally couldn't get the hang of it at all! I don't know whether it's just me finding it hard or if the kid isn't of very good quality! So I just put it in a drawer and left it! 

My friend Danielle asked if she could try and do it on me so we had a go and she couldn't do it either! (so i'm not stupid after all!) but she had an idea to use the tips and clear nail varnish to look like acrylic nails but with no acrylics. As it's a lot cheaper than paying to get acrylics and it also looks amazing! The whole kid cost me £15 and has everything inside, but it comes with about 1000 tips in all different sizes so they would last ages. So here's how to do it; 

To start with you need to file your own nail tip as well as buffing them so that the glue can stick, if you don't do this the tip will not stick to your nail or will come off after a short period of time. Then match the correct size tips to your nails and stick them all on.. 

When you have them on like this, you'll need to cut them to the length you want to have them, it's better to use a proper tip cutter or if not nail clippers will be fine. But make sure you hold the nail where it's glued when you're cutting it because where it's just been freshly stuck it may come off if you're too rough with it. Then you need to file them into the shape you want and then file and buff the top of the nail where it's glued, so that there's no ridge. 

Then go over them with a clear top coat and build up a few coats (about 4 or 5) Don't use a pink because it will tint the tips a funny colour. As there's no acrylic you need to build the layers up so that it's thick. Then they will look like this.. 

So they look just like acrylics and they also don't damage your nails !! You can also decorate them in anyway you like with gems or glitter :) this is the final result; 

Thank you for reading, 
Lots of love
Leanne xox