Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I'm back! - Skin Care Routine.

Hey everyone! I'm back after a long absence from the blogging world! Basically I've just been extremely busy recently, i've been on a few holidays, i've been working and also I've been pretty ill with a virus and chest infection so I haven't had much inspiration to blog! But I'm back now, with lots of new ideas and I'm going to start with a skin care routine post.. I still haven't found the memory card for my camera so i'll just be using internet images for now (i appologise, i'm going to buy a new memory card at the weekend)  

So, my skin care routine - I've always been pretty lazy when it comes to my skin, even though i've always had problem skin that's prone to acne and break outs I have never really had much of a routine, I just use a face wipe to remove my makeup and that would be it! I'd always start one and then become lazy again and forget to do it! But then I realised it's important to look after your skin because let's face it - who wants to look like a wrinkly old leather handbag at 40?! Not me!! So I went to my nearest MAC counter and I had a consultation with one of the counter girls, she was really lovely and helped me to get exactly what I wanted/needed for my particular skin type. If you read my blog you'll know that my skin is very oily and I have quite a lot of faint acne scarring from when I was younger! I also found that no matter how much foundation I put on my face it would always come off before the end of the day!! 

First of all she gave me MAC Green Gel Cleanser: 

I still use a face wipe to remove the majority of my makeup, but then I use this afterwards and it's really good for removing all the makeup and dirt that the face wipe didn't take off. I normally run the hot tap for a while and fill the sink up with warm water, wet my hands a bit then put some product onto my hands, lather it up and put it all over my face in circular motions. After about five minutes splash my face with water to remove the cleanser. For a 150ml bottle it's £14.50 from Debenhams, but you can also purchase it from their website. 

For toner, I use Simple's Soothing Facial Toner: 

Using a normal cotton pad, I put quite a generous amount onto the pad and put it all over my face, you'll be surprised to how much dirt/makeup is still left on your skin when you look at the pad afterwards!! I usually buy this from Boots for £3.25 for a 200ml bottle and this is currently in Boots 3 for 2 mix and match offer. 

Moisturiser - MAC Oil Control Lotion 

This is amazing!! I put this on after cleansing and toning and then again before I put my makeup on and as my skin is really oily this helps to reduce the oil in my skin allowing my makeup to stay in place all day (using a primer too- MAC's prep and prime)  I just use about a pea sized amount and put it all over my face, concentrating on my most oily areas which are my chin and forehead. This is a little expensive considering the bottle isn't that big but it's definitely worth the price! It's £20 for a 50ml bottle from Debenhams or the MAC website. 

I have only been using this skin care for about a month now and my skin has already improved massively. Although MAC products are quite expensive they are definitely worth the money as they actually work and do what they say on the packet! 

- Just to be clear, I don't get asked or paid by anybody to do these reviews, hauls, etc. I do it out of choice :) 

Leanne xoxox 
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