Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hey beauties! I know I've already blogged once today but I cannot contain my excitement about this one! If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I ordered an Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette last week and as I work for Debenhams I got it for quite a good price. It arrived today and I was like a child when it came!!! I absolutely love it.. I've just used it and I'm AMAZED. All of the colors are just gorgeous and they're all the sort of colors I wear all the time. I mainly got it for my holiday as I'm off to Menorca on the 9th of July so I thought it would be a good idea to order one then I don't have to take loads of single eyeshadows with me! You can create so many different looks with this one palette, whether you use it for daytime or for an evening out. It's got every single color you would need :) 

From left to right; Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

Review: Eyes Lips Face (ELF)

After watching quite a few YouTube channel's I noticed loads of people talking about ELF cosmetics, hauls, reviews etc. I'd personally never heard of it until then but all of the reviews I watched were pretty positive so I thought i'd check it out myself! The only place I have seen ELF products is on their website (, I'm not sure where else in the UK you can get it? 

So anyway, I checked it out and found some things I really liked the look of! All of their normal ranged products are all £1.50 each but they also have a studio range and a mineral range which everything is priced at £3.50 each. So it's great value! Although there is a small postage charge of £2.95 which isn't too bad, plus they have promotions and voucher codes all the time! I won't lie I always get pretty reluctant to try things that are so cheap as from past experience I never seem to have much luck with low cost make up.. But seeing so many bloggers and YouTubers recommending it I thought it was worth a go! 
On my first order I only ordered a few things as I wanted to see if it was any good before I ordered any more, so I picked up an eye lid primer and three of the £1.50 eyeshadow quads. 

From left to right; Nouveau Neutrals, Drama, Ethereal 

Each of these eyeshadows are from the "Brightening eye color range" and it says on the website "Luxuriously smooth, corn silk formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness"  which i would definitely agree on, having the lighter color all the way through the darker color allows the eye to look a lot brighter. The quality of these eyeshadows varies; The 'Drama' quad is amazing, it's so pigmented and it last AGES especially when used with the ELF Eyelid Primer. However the other two aren't quite as pigmented, the darker colors are but the lighter shades don't really show up that much and you have to put a lot of product on your brush which is annoying because then you get loads of powder dropping onto your face. 

Swatch of Nouveau Neutrals

Swatch of Drama

So you can see that Drama is definitely of better quality that the other two but they would do well for a base or for a subtle day time look. 

After receiving these products within two days of buying them I was quite impressed with the delivery time and the actual products themselves so I was intrigued to try some more things! So I placed another order but this time they had 20% off all orders over £10, so I was pretty excited about that ! 
I have a thing about lipgloss/lipstick, I have so many! But I still buy more all the time, i just can't get enough! So I thought i'd try a few of their lip colors out. They have various different types of lipgloss and lipsticks but I ordered two of the hypershine gloss in 'Fairy' and 'Vixon' although you don't get much product in these lipgloss' but the colors are amazing! I also really wanted a Nude lipstick so I picked up one of their Mineral lipsticks in 'Natural Nymph' it's got a nice consistency and it's very creamy although I would say it's more of an orange shade than a nude. 

Vixon Hypershine Gloss

Fairy Hypershine Gloss

Natural Nymph Mineral Lipstick

I would definitely recommend ELF products, they are great value for money and all of the products i've received I'm really happy with. They deliver the day after they dispatch and they have a really good variety of products and colors. You can't really go wrong for the price especially if you're a little short on money this month then I would recommend giving ELF a try :) 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

St Moritz False Tan Review

Hey everyone! I thought i'd get on and do my first review and the product I've chosen is the St Moriz instant self tanning mousse. I absolutely love fake tan! I wear it all the time, every single day. I'm fairly pale naturally so I like to wear it. I think it gives people a lot more self confidence! I've tried every tan you could imagine from lotions to mousses and even instant tans. I have always been a massive fan of St Tropez, I used to us it religiously, however the last couple of times I've used it i've found it to be quite streaky and it doesn't give the nice even tan I used to get when I used it. It's also quite pricey, especially if you apply it as much as I do! So I thought it was time to try something else! So from watching some reviews on YouTube I saw a lot of people were recommending this St Moriz, which is meant to be a copy of St Tropez. WOW! Is all I have to say! It's amazing! It gives a really nice deep tan like you've been on holiday, it's not orange in any way. The application is really even and streak free. It's priced at £2.99 for a 200ml bottle from Fragrance, you obviously have to pay for postage but its only a couple of pounds and it's so much cheaper than St Tropez which is priced at £20! I would definitely recommend this tan for any fake tan fans out there! It's amazing!

Welcome.. !

Hey everybody! This is my first proper post, not sure what I'm letting myself in for! But I always watch a lot of beauty guru's on YouTube (SWalkerMakeUp, FleurDeForce) so I thought i'd give this 'Beauty Blogging' a go. I'll mainly be doing reviews on products, best and worsts etc.. Anyway I thought i'd use this post as a sort of introduction to me :) incase you haven't seen already my name is Leanne, I'm 20 years old and I'm from a small town called Westbury, in Wiltshire. I have such a love and passion for beauty products and makeup, some would say I spend far too much money on them! (Especially my mum!) but it's sort of an addiction I guess! I'm not a professional in anyway, although I did study beauty therapy at college a few years back. But I don't do it as a job and I haven't done since I left. So all of my reviews and post are just from my experience with the product and my own opinions. I'm not trying to pretend I do it as a profession or anything like that! I just enjoy it :) 
I hope you'll enjoy my blog & if so don't forget to 'follow' me. Thank you so much. 
Lots of love, Leanne x