Thursday, 11 August 2011

Superdrug Haul For Bargain Hunters..

Today I had the day off work and my mum asked me if I would go with her into town to help her choose some new glasses. So I went with her and my brothers girlfriend, but made a little stop at Superdrug on the way :) my local Superdrug is currently being refurbished but is still open to the public so it's a little bit of a mess in there at the moment. But I went in to see if they have the new MUA professional range in there yet because I went in there last week with samanth19 and they only had  the testers as it hadn't come in yet, but again today I didn't have any luck and it was still just the testers!! I'm particularly interested in the trio eyeshadows, I swatched the testers on my hand and the colours are gorgeous! I can't for my local Superdrug to finally stock them!! 

However last week Superdrug had a free delivery offer on their website so I had a look on there to see if they had any trio's on there, typically the one I wanted they didn't have, so I got a trio in the colour 'Smoke Screen' which is perfect for a smokey eye. The colours are really pigmented and I particularly love the pearly colour to highlight my brow bone. They only cost £2.50 each so it's great value for money!

I also picked up the only 'Heaven & Earth' palette that was on the shelf, it's very similar to the Urban Decay naked palette which I use all the time and is around £32 so if you can't really afford to buy it you could buy this one, for only £4! It's perfect if you're going away for the weekend and don't want to take loads of different eyeshadows with you, you can just take this and it'll have every colour you'll need :) 

A few months ago, I decided that I didn't actually like the applicator for my liquid eyeliner so I went out and bought one of the felt liners by bourjois but I lost it a little while ago :( and i've been meaning to get another one but just keep forgetting every time I go to town! So while I was ordering from Superdrug online I saw that MUA did a felt liner in their pro line, so I ordered myself one. It only came today though so I haven't had a chance to use it on my eyes yet but I did test it out on my hand and it does look quite good, so once i've tried it i'll let you know what I think! 

Every time I watch makeup tutorials on YouTube it always reminds me that I need to get myself a face primer, having oily skin my foundation never stays on properly all day no matter what brand I use! So I picked up MUA professional face primer for £4 as I don't really want to spend a lot of money on one until i've tested it out and see if it actually works for me. I'm looking forward to trying it out :) has anybody else tried this product? If so i'd love to hear your opinions on it.. 

I then got a few things from the original MUA £1 line.. 
The only thing that annoys me about the normal MUA line is the fact that none of the shades have names, they're just named "shade 1, shade 2 etc" but never mind! I got two lipglosses, in shades 3 and 5. They are both pinky shades, but only a slight bit of colour comes out on the lips with the gloss. 

The next three things I bought are not usually things I would buy! I got two eyeshadows and an eyeliner all in shades of pink. I don't ever wear bright colours on my eyes, I only wear neutral colours and smokey colours. But being a huge fan of 'The Only Way Is Essex' I saw Mark's sister Jess wearing a really nice light pearly pink coloured eyeshadow and it looked really nice against her blue eyes. In the picture the colour on the left looks more purple but I assure it's pink! The colour of the eyeliner is such a pretty pearly pink, it'll look really nice in the tear duct :) 

Thanks for reading guys :) sorry it seems a bit rushed - I don't have much time at home today and i'm going away for four days tonight so today is my only opportunity to post! Hope you're all doing okay :) 
Leanne xox 


  1. i read a post on MUA's face primer today and i want to get it now. your crazy spending outburst is really not helping me out Leanne! Let me know what you think of it xx

  2. Hey sweetie, I couldn't find your email on your blog so I hope you dont mind me posting here. I have given you a 'Lovely Blog Award' and wanted to share it with you.
    If you follow this link it will take you to the blog page where its all mentioned.

    :) xxx