Monday, 1 August 2011

Collective Haul.

Hey guys :) ! As you all know i've been away on holiday, I've been back over a week now and i've been really busy with getting back to work and things so i've not had much time to do any posts! So I thought today i'd do a collective haul of all the things i bought on holiday and after :) I'm sorry for the photo's, the sun is shining so brightly everywhere in my house so I tried to do it out in the garden but i've never done any of my photography for my blog outside before so fingers crossed it looks okay! (I came in covered in ants - that's dedication!)

The day before I went away on holiday I was shopping with my Mum and I really wanted the Sleek Pout Polish in Bonaire from their Caribbean Collection, they had the tester there so I tried it out and I loved it! However they didn't have any in stock! Only the tester! I was gutted because they'd be perfect for the beach with their SPF 15 and they give you a nice natural shine and colour to your lips! But I couldn't get it :( however when I went into Superdrug when I got back from holiday they had one in stock!! So I had to get it! Bonaire is a gorgeous coral/orange colour and looks great with a tan! 
I've also been looking for a light pink matte lipstick for ages! But I can't seem to find the shade I want anywhere!! Every lipstick I pick up is glittery or too shiny! So I text my good old friend Samanth19 and she said for me to try Natural Collection's Apple Blossom, but they didn't have that either (not my day of luck!) but they did have Rose Petal, it's still not the colour i'm looking for but it's a nice colour. I also picked up a Sleek lipstick in the colour Sheen. 

When I was on holiday unfortunately we had a really bad day of weather, it absolutely poured down all day in Menorca!! Crazy! So me and my boyfriend decided to do a spot of souvenir shopping for presents for our families! I was very happy when I walked into the first shop and they did makeup! They had quite a big Clinique stand so I was having a browse on there when I came across their Fresh Bloom blusher/highlighter so I picked one up in the colour 01 Peony. It gives you a lovely glowing look and works well as a blusher or a highlighter! 

My boyfriend very kindly treated me to Marc Jacobs - Daisy perfume at the airport, which I love!! It's my new favourite! I've never had any Marc Jacobs perfume before and I usually use Innocence by Guerlain but I fancied a chance as i've been wearing the same perfume for years! I think it was £42 for a 75ml bottle, but i'm not 100% sure. It's fairly expensive but the smell lasts ages on me so I don't need to spray loads of it. The bottle is also amazing! 

The last few things I bought, is a Barry M nail varnish in the colour Peach Melba but I can't do a swatch on my nails for that unfortunately because I just had them done - sorry guys!! I also bought Bourjois healthy mix foundation after hearing so many people talk about it! I usually have to wear quite a thick foundation because I had very oily skin, but since i've been using my 'Fresh Farmacy Soap' by Lush it seems to have reduced the oil! So now I can use a lighter foundation, which is a relief in this humidity at the moment as my face has been melting!! I got it in the colour 55 :) Then I got a John Freda Sheer Blonde highlight activating treatment sachet, because I desperately need my highlights doing I just haven't had the time! 

Finally I picked up an E45 emollient bath oil from Superdrug, the reason I wanted this was because I love Pixie Lott, she's defo my girl crush!! I read in a magazine that she uses coconut oil in her baths because it keeps her skin ultra soft and helps maintain her tan - fake or natural. So I went on the hunt for some coconut oil, I asked in several shops and most people didn't have a clue what I was on about!! As I couldn't see any on the shelves and nobody could help me as they didn't know what it was I thought i'd just grab this, it's bath oil but not coconut. Hopefully it'll still do the trick :) i'll keep you guys posted on the results! 

Thanks for reading guys :) sorry any rambling, I tend to get carried away with myself especially if I haven't blogged in a while!! Leanne xox 


  1. I hope you had a nice holiday,
    I really like the colour of the lipstick
    Comment and follow and I'll follow back?

  2. try ebay for coconut oil, you can get huge tubs of it really cheap! jealous of your Marc Jocobs perfume too, it's so nice xx

  3. really love your blog! Natural collection lipsticks are lovely, and so cheep , but can break really easily :( look after it really carefully! :D
    7please check out my blog, and follow back ? :D xxx

  4. Lovely post hun :)
    I brought some natural collection lip glosses and lipsticks the other day and have to say I love them. They are a great value for money.
    I agree with Samantha19, try ebay as there will be plenty on there XD
    I really want to try the Marc Jacobs perfume, everyone has been raving about it. Ill talk to the OH and see if it can be added to my christmas list XD