Friday, 14 December 2012

I'm Back :)

I can't believe it's been all this time since I last posted! I've definitely been neglecting my blog! I've had an eventful year, but it's coming to an end so hopefully 2013 will bring better things - hate to be 'one of those people' who say this but it's true! 
 At the same time I've also had a lot of fun with friends and family this year, I've had such a laugh! This post is basically just an update of the last year and a few pictures of all I've been up to recently :) lots of 21st birthdays and trips away!

Cardiff for one of my Best Friend Robyn's 21st 

Georgia's Hollywood Themed 21st party :) 

Pub Golf for Sheree's 21st Birthday :) 

Phoebe's birthday in Bath :) 

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air fancy dress for Joe's 21st 

Cardiff for Danielle's 21st :) 

Summer BBQ


Barcelona with the girls :) 

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